The Pods

Meili hyperloop pod

Say hello to Meili, our first attempt at making a Hyperloop pod. Meili consist of a inhouse co-developed linear induction motor (LIM). The scale of this beauty is 4,2m in length and 0,5m in both height and width. This makes it equal in size as a 4-man bobsled! Meili was our first pod which saw the production and assembly, as the previous project got cut short due to the pandemic. Meili is composed of many custom designed systems. This includes brake callipers, battery pack, chassis, aeroshell, LIM, PCBs and much more! Aeroshell, while being the exterior cover, is made out of fiberglass and casted with the resin infusion technique has a weight of only 2kg! The emergency brakes were custom designed to fit a 5 inch H-Beam and powered by 300 bar of hydraulic pressure, would give us a braking force of 7,2kN!