Join Us

Primarily Shift enrolls new members to the team two times a year. In May the team leader and board positions are filled. The rest of the team positions are filled in august/september at the start of the semester. However, any student feeling they have something to contribute to the team should not hesitate to contact us any time of the year.


The board, the bosses, the guys and gals at the top. These are the people that look at the long term development of the team, and are responsible for the completion of the project. You will encounter a lot of responsibility.


Want to make something taken straight out of an sci-fi show? Or maybe you just want to engineer something that simply looks like magic? Look no further! In the magnetics group you will join the team in making the brand new magnetic levitation engine!

Design, Media, Web & Relations

As a member of the relations group you are a part of the team that this organization simply could not do without. You are the backone of this organization and we would rely on you to maintain a good relationship with our partners and sponsors. In addition to making promotional material such as videos, pictures, website and a lot more!


Ah, the member group that need no introduction, the mechanical group. As a part of the mechanical group you would be responsible for the mechanical parts like suspension, chassis, earo-elements among other things. You will learn how to optimize, design, produce, simulate and test your parts.This is engineering!


Have a way with the soldering iron, or maybe you just think PCBs look cool? Whatever the reason, this is the group where you would design and make electronics to control, gather data and power the pod!