About Us

Shift Hyperloop is an independent non-profit organization founded in Trondheim by students from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). The team currently consists of about 60 members from various fields of study. Shift was officially founded 1. February 2019 by 10 students with the goal of developing a green and efficient transportation method, using the engineers of tomorrow. Shift Hyperloop takes inspiration from many of the other student organisations at NTNU. As such Shift Hyperloop operates on a 1-year cycle where each year we enlist a completely new team that are tasked with designing and building a hyperloop pod. In 2021 Shift Hyperloop will test out our pod for the first time in the European Hyperloop Week in Spain, and we hope to test out the pod in SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition in the future.

Shift Hyperloop enjoys a close and mutually beneficial relationship with NTNU. Shift consists entirely of NTNU students and gives them an opportunity to have a hands-on experience that is normally unavailable for engineering students. We also provide the university with potential bachelor- and master-theses for graduating students.

Shift Hyperloop is primarily an organisation meant to teach and educate NTNU students, however we are also students who seek to help solve the massive challenges the world is facing. As such you can expect to see Shift advocating for green measures and further research on how we can combat climate change.